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This Release Finance-Quote-1.11  [Download] [Browse 12 Jan 2006
Latest Release Finance-Quote-1.47  [Download] [Browse 12 Nov 2017
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Special Files


Finance::Quote Get stock and mutual fund quotes from various exchanges    1.11
Finance::Quote::AEX Obtain quotes from Amsterdam Euronext eXchange    1.0
Finance::Quote::ASEGR Obtain quotes from Athens Stock Exchange.    0.1
Finance::Quote::ASX Obtain quotes from the Australian Stock Exchange.    1.05
Finance::Quote::BMONesbittBurns Obtain quotes from the BMO NesbittBurns site    0.9
Finance::Quote::Cdnfundlibrary Obtain mutual fund prices from    0.6
Finance::Quote::DWS Obtain quotes from DWS (Deutsche Bank Gruppe).    1.00
Finance::Quote::Deka Obtain fonds quotes from DekaBank.    0.3
Finance::Quote::FTPortfolios Obtain unit trust prices from    1.00
Finance::Quote::Fidelity Obtain information from Fidelity Investments.    1.05
Finance::Quote::FinanceCanada Obtain stock and mutual fund prices from     
Finance::Quote::Fool Obtain quotes from the Motley Fool web site.    0.1
Finance::Quote::IndiaMutual Obtain Indian mutual fund prices from    0.1
Finance::Quote::ManInvestments Obtain quotes from Man Investments Australia.    0.1
Finance::Quote::NZX Obtain quotes from NZX (New Zealand stock exchange.)    1.00
Finance::Quote::Platinum Obtain quotes from the Platinum Asset Management.    0.1
Finance::Quote::SEB Obtain fund prices from    1.0
Finance::Quote::TSP Obtain fund prices for US Federal Government Thrift Savings Plan    0.2
Finance::Quote::Tdefunds Obtain quotes from TD Waterhouse Efunds    1.00
Finance::Quote::Tdwaterhouse Obtain quotes from TD Waterhouse Canada    1.00
Finance::Quote::Tiaacref Obtain quote from TIAA-CREF.    1.02
Finance::Quote::Troweprice Obtain quotes from T. Rowe Price    1.00
Finance::Quote::Trustnet Obtain unit trust prices from    1.02
Finance::Quote::USFedBonds Get US Federal Bond redemption values directly from the treasury at     
Finance::Quote::Union     1.00
Finance::Quote::VWD     1.01
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia Fetch quotes from Yahoo Asia    1.00
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Australia Fetch Australian stock quotes via Yahoo.    1.00
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base Common functions for fetching Yahoo info.    1.03
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Brasil Fetch Brasiln stock quotes via Yahoo.    1.00
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Europe Fetch quotes from Yahoo Europe    1.03
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::NZ     1.00
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::USA Obtain information about stocks and funds in the USA and Canada.    1.00
Finance::Quote::ZA Obtain South African stock and prices from     


Finance::Quote::UNION Obtain quotes from UNION (Zurich Financial Services Group). 
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::nz Fetch nzn stock quotes via Yahoo. 
Finance::Quote::vwd Obtain quotes from vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH. Check share information. 

Other Files