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Source   Latest Release: WebService-Idonethis-0.23


idone - Command line interface to


version 0.19


    # Submit an item to
    $ idone "Installed some cool software today."

    # See what I've done today.
    $ idone -l

    # Add an item to idonethis, and then show everything I've done
    $ idone -l "Calibrated the flux capacitor"

    # See what I've done yesterday.
    $ idone -ly

    # See what I did some time ago.
    $ idone -ld 2012-01-01
    # See what I've done today, and read new items from STDIN.
    $ idone -lc

    # See what I've done yesterday, and add more items from STDIN.
    $ idone -lcy

    # See what I've done in the last week
    $ idone -lr 'last week,today'

    # In ~/.idonethisrc


By default, this submits items to your personal calendar on idonethis. All arguments are concatenated together to form a single string, which is then submitted to your calendar for the current day (using the local timezone on your machine).

Patches are extremely welcome.



Read items from STDIN and add them to your done list, with one item per line. This is the default behaviour if -l is not specified, nor any done item on the command line.

-d date

Specify the date upon which actions should be taken. Any date that can be understood by Date::Manip::Date can be used, including strings such as 'last Tuesday' or 'three days ago'.

If in doubt, use YYYY-MM-DD format.

Defaults to today. This switch is silently ignored if used with -y.

-f config

Specify the location of the configuration file. Defaults to ~/.idonethisrc


Displays this help.


List items that you've done. Combine this with the -c switch to list done items, and let you add new ones to the end.


List items in a range of dates, in the form -r '2013-01-01, 2013-01-31'. Natural dates may also be used, as in -r '1 week ago, today'. This switch is exclusive of the -d, -y and -c switches.

With only a single argument, a second argument of 'now' is implied. This allows shortcuts like idone -r'last week' to show everything done since last week.

This switch implies -l.


Shows the current version and exits.


Perform all operations (adding and listing) using yesterday's date. This switch overrides the -d switch, if given.


Paul Fenwick <>


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Paul Fenwick.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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