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Peter Scott > App-Toodledo-2.14


This Release App-Toodledo-2.14  [Download] [Browse 16 Apr 2012
Latest Release App-Toodledo-2.19  [Download] [Browse 09 Aug 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::Toodledo Interacting with the Toodledo task management service.     2.14
App::Toodledo::Account internal attributes of an account.     1.00
App::Toodledo::AccountInternal internal representation of an account.     1.00
App::Toodledo::AccountRole     1.00
App::Toodledo::Context class encapsulating a Toodledo context     1.00
App::Toodledo::ContextInternal internal representation of a context.     1.00
App::Toodledo::ContextRole internal attributes of a context.     1.00
App::Toodledo::Folder class encapsulating a Toodledo folder     1.01
App::Toodledo::FolderInternal internal representation of a folder.     1.00
App::Toodledo::FolderRole internal attributes of a folder.     1.00
App::Toodledo::Goal class encapsulating a Toodledo goal     1.00
App::Toodledo::GoalInternal     1.00
App::Toodledo::GoalRole internal attributes of a goal.     1.00
App::Toodledo::InternalWrapper     1.01
App::Toodledo::Location class encapsulating a Toodledo location     1.00
App::Toodledo::LocationInternal internal representation of a location.     1.00
App::Toodledo::LocationRole internal attributes of a role.     1.00
App::Toodledo::Notebook class encapsulating a Toodledo notebook     1.00
App::Toodledo::NotebookInternal internal representation of a notebook.     1.00
App::Toodledo::NotebookRole internal attributes of a notebook.     1.00
App::Toodledo::Task class encapsulating a Toodledo task     1.02
App::Toodledo::TaskCache Manage a local cache of Toodledo tasks     1.00
App::Toodledo::TaskInternal internal representation of a task.     1.00
App::Toodledo::TaskRole internal attributes of a task.     1.01
App::Toodledo::Util     1.00


App::Toodledo:GoalInternal internal representation of a goal.