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Piotr Kaluski > LRpt_0.16


This Release LRpt_0.16  [Download] [Browse 03 Oct 2006
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LRpt Perl extension for comparing and reporting results of database selects     0.16
LRpt::CSVDiff A module for comparing 2 sets of csv files      
LRpt::CSVDumper LReport csv dumper. Dumps results of selects to csv files.      
LRpt::CSVEADiff A module for comparing a set of csv files with expectations      
LRpt::CollDiff A module for comparing 2 collections of rows      
LRpt::CollEADiff A module for comparing collection of expectations with a collection of actual data taken from the database.      
LRpt::CollUnkeyed Object of this class represents a collection of unkeyed rows      
LRpt::Collection A container for rows returned by select statement.      
LRpt::Config A module for managing LReport defaults and runtime parameters      
LRpt::JarReader A module for reading jar record format files.      
LRpt::KeySubst A module for substituting where keys placeholders in select templates      
LRpt::RKeysRdr a module for reading definitions of row keys      
LRpt::XMLReport A module for converting outputs generated by LReport tools to XML format.