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Graham Ollis > Clustericious-1.29


This Release Clustericious-1.29  [Download] [Browse 11 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Clustericious (Deprecated) A framework for RESTful processing systems.     1.29
Clustericious::App Clustericious app base class     1.29
Clustericious::Client Construct command line and perl clients for RESTful services.     1.29
Clustericious::Client::Command Command line type processing for clients.     1.29
Clustericious::Client::Meta simple meta object for constructing clients     1.29
Clustericious::Client::Meta::Route metadata about a route'     1.29
Clustericious::Client::Object default object returned from client methods     1.29
Clustericious::Client::Object::DateTime Clustericious DateTime object     1.29
Clustericious::Client::Object::Params object parameters     1.29
Clustericious::Coder::JSON JSON encoder for AutodataHandler     1.29
Clustericious::Coder::YAML YAML encoder for AutodataHandler     1.29
Clustericious::Command Command base class     1.29
Clustericious::Command::apache Clustericious command to stat Apache     1.29
Clustericious::Command::configdebug Debug a clustericious configuration file     1.29
Clustericious::Command::configdump Dump a clustericious configuration     1.29
Clustericious::Command::configpath Print the configuration path     1.29
Clustericious::Command::configtest Test a Clustericious application's configuration     1.29
Clustericious::Command::configure Generate a default configuration.     1.29
Clustericious::Command::daemon Clustericious command to stat nginx     1.29
Clustericious::Command::generate Clustericious code generation commands.     1.29
Clustericious::Command::generate::app Clustericious command to generate a new Clustericious application     1.29
Clustericious::Command::generate::client Clustericious command to generate a new Clustericious client     1.29
Clustericious::Command::hypnotoad Clustericious command to stat Hypnotoad     1.29
Clustericious::Command::lighttpd Clustericious command to stat lighttpd     1.29
Clustericious::Command::morbo Clustericious command to stat nginx     1.29
Clustericious::Command::nginx Clustericious command to stat nginx     1.29
Clustericious::Command::plackup Clustericious command to start plack server     1.29
Clustericious::Command::start Clustericious command to start a Clustericious application     1.29
Clustericious::Command::status Clustericious command to report status of Clustericious application     1.29
Clustericious::Command::stop Clustericious command to stop a Clustericious application     1.29
Clustericious::Command::which Clustericious command to start a Clustericious application     1.29
Clustericious::Commands Clustericious command runner     1.29
Clustericious::Config Configuration files for Clustericious nodes.     1.29
Clustericious::Config::Helpers Helpers for clustericious config files.     1.29
Clustericious::Controller Clustericious controller base class     1.29
Clustericious::HelloWorld Clustericious hello world application     1.29
Clustericious::HelloWorld::Client Clustericious hello world client     1.29
Clustericious::Log A Log::Log4perl wrapper for use with Clustericious.     1.29
Clustericious::Log::CommandLine Simple Command Line Interface for Log4perl     1.29
Clustericious::Plugin::AutodataHandler Handle data types automatically     1.29
Clustericious::Plugin::ClustericiousHelpers Helpers for Clustericious     1.29
Clustericious::Plugin::CommonRoutes Routes common to all clustericious applications     1.29
Clustericious::Plugin::PlugAuth Plugin for clustericious to use PlugAuth.     1.29
Clustericious::RouteBuilder Route builder for Clustericious applications     1.29
Clustericious::RouteBuilder::CRUD build crud routes easily     1.29
Clustericious::RouteBuilder::Search build routes for searching for objects     1.29
Test::Clustericious::Command Test Clustericious commands     1.29
Test::Clustericious::Config Test Clustericious::Config     1.29
Test::Clustericious::Log Clustericious logging in tests.     1.29


clustericious Clustericious command runner