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Martin Popel > Treex-Core-2.20151216


This Release Treex-Core-2.20151216  [Download] [Browse 15 Dec 2015 ** UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE **
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Treex Natural Language Processing framework     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Read::BaseReader abstract ancestor for document readers     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Read::BaseSplitterRole     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Read::BaseTextReader abstract ancestor for document readers     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Read::Sentences     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Read::Text     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Read::Treex     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Util::DefinedAttr Special block for checking undef attributes     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Util::Eval Special block for evaluating code given by parameters.     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Util::Find Finding nodes based on criteria specified by parameters     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Util::FixInvalidIDs     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Util::SetGlobal     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Write::BaseTextWriter     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Write::BaseWriter     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Write::Sentences     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Write::Text     2.20151216
Treex::Block::Write::Treex     2.20151216
Treex::Core interface to linguistic structures and processing units in Treex     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Block the basic data-processing unit in the Treex framework     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Bundle a set of equivalent sentences in the Treex framework     2.20151216
Treex::Core::BundleZone contains a sentence and its linguistic representations     2.20151216
Treex::Core::CacheBlock Treex::Core::Block with caching     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Cloud   UNAUTHORIZED 2.20151216
Treex::Core::Common shorten the "use" part of your Perl codes     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Config centralized info about Treex configuration     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Coordination   UNAUTHORIZED 2.20151216
Treex::Core::DocZone document zone for the text attribute     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Document representation of a text and its linguistic analyses in the Treex framework     2.20151216
Treex::Core::DocumentReader interface for all document readers     2.20151216
Treex::Core::DocumentReader::Base base implementation of document readers     2.20151216
Treex::Core::DocumentReader::ZoneReader base implementation of one-zone document readers     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Files helper class for iterating over filenames     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Loader Loader     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Log logger tailored for the needs of Treex     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Node smallest unit that holds information in Treex     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Node::A     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Node::EffectiveRelations     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Node::InClause     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Node::Interset     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Node::N     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Node::Ordered     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Node::P     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Node::T     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Phrase     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Phrase::BaseNTerm     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Phrase::Builder     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Phrase::Coordination     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Phrase::NTerm     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Phrase::PP     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Phrase::Term     2.20151216
Treex::Core::RememberArgs role for remembering constructor's arguments     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Resource Access to shared resources     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Run + treex - applying Treex blocks and/or scenarios on data     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Scenario a larger Treex processing unit, composed of blocks     2.20151216
Treex::Core::ScenarioParser     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView visualization of Treex files in TrEd     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView::AnnotationCommand simple command-line annotation interface     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView::BackendStorable     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView::Colors List of colors used in TrEd     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView::Common Common methods related to TredView     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView::Labels Labels of tree nodes in Tred     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView::LineStyles List of line styles used in TrEd     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView::Styles Styling of trees in Tred (how they look)     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView::TreeLayout Layout of trees in Tred     2.20151216
Treex::Core::TredView::Vallex Browsing valency lexicons     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Types types used in Treex framework     2.20151216
Treex::Core::WildAttr role for arbitrary attributes of Treex objects     2.20151216
Treex::Core::Zone base class for Zones     2.20151216
Treex::Tool::Probe     2.20151216


Treex::Core::TredView::Backend::Storable I/O backend for opening .streex files in TrEd  
treex bash front-end for Treex::Core::Run  
ttred running TrEd customized for browsing treex files