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Alex Efros > Narada-1.2.1


This Release Narada-1.2.1  [Download] [Browse 07 Apr 2013
Latest Release Narada-v2.3.8  [Download] [Browse 03 Apr 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Narada framework for ease development/deploy/support for medium/big projects     v1.2.1
Narada::Config manage project configuration     v1.2.1
Narada::Lock manage project locks     v1.2.1
Narada::Log setup project log     v1.2.1


narada-backup prepare consistent project backup  
narada-diff prepare patch from previous version to current  
narada-download use scp to download project files from remote host  
narada-emu start OS Inferno's emu-g for this project  
narada-lock run command under shared lock  
narada-lock-exclusive run command under exclusive lock  
narada-mysql start mysql client for this project  
narada-mysqldump dump project database  
narada-new creates a skeleton project based on Narada framework  
narada-patch apply pending patches on Narada project  
narada-patch-pull download latests patch files from remote  
narada-patch-remote upload latests patch files and apply patch on remote side  
narada-patch-send send latests patch files by email to other developers  
narada-release release current changes in Narada project  
narada-remote use ssh to execute command on remote host in project root  
narada-setup-cron synchronize project crontab with user crontab  
narada-setup-db initialize project database  
narada-setup-qmail install/remove project qmail configuration  
narada-shutdown-services kill services and their supervisors  
narada-upload use scp to upload project files to remote host  
narada-viewlog log viewer for project based on Narada framework