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Doug Bell > ETL-Yertl-0.034


This Release ETL-Yertl-0.034  [Download] [Browse 12 Oct 2017
Latest Release ETL-Yertl-0.037  [Download] [Browse 27 Oct 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


ETL::Yertl ETL with a Shell     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Adapter::graphite Adapter to read/write from Graphite time series database     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Adapter::influxdb Adapter to read/write from InfluxDB time series database     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Command::yfrom Read documents from a format like JSON or CSV     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Command::ygrok Parse lines of text into documents     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Command::ymask Filter documents through applying a mask     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Command::yq Filter and construct documents using a mini-language     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Command::yq::Regex A regex-based parser for programs     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Command::ysql Read and write documents with a SQL database     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Command::yto Write documents to a format like JSON or CSV     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Command::yts Read/Write time series data     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Format Base class for input/output formats     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Format::csv CSV read/write support for Yertl     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Format::default The default format for intra-Yertl communication     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Format::json JSON read/write support for Yertl     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Format::yaml YAML read/write support for Yertl     0.034
ETL::Yertl::Util Utility functions for Yertl modules     0.034


ETL::Yertl::Help::Cookbook Some recipies for common ETL tasks  
ETL::Yertl::Help::ysql A guide to using ysql to work with SQL databases Prepare a release blog entry for this project  
yfrom Build YAML from another format (like JSON or CSV)  
ygrok Build YAML by parsing lines of plain text  
ymask Mask a data structure to display only the desired fields  
yq Filter YAML through a command-line program  
ysql Query SQL databases in a Yertl workflow  
yto Change YAML to another format (like JSON)  
yts Read/write time series data  

Other Files