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This Release Statocles-0.085  [Download] [Browse 08 Sep 2017
Latest Release Statocles-0.086  [Download] [Browse 13 Sep 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Statocles A static site generator     0.085
Statocles::App Base role for Statocles applications     0.085
Statocles::App::Basic Build Markdown and collateral files     0.085
Statocles::App::Blog A blog application     0.085
Statocles::App::Perldoc Render documentation for Perl modules     0.085
Statocles::App::Plain (DEPRECATED) Plain documents made into pages with no extras     0.085
Statocles::App::Role::Store Role for applications using files     0.085
Statocles::App::Static (DEPRECATED) Manage static files like CSS, JS, images, and other untemplated content     0.085
Statocles::Base Base module for Statocles modules     0.085
Statocles::Command The statocles command-line interface     0.085
Statocles::Deploy Base role for ways to deploy a site     0.085
Statocles::Deploy::File Deploy a site to a folder on the filesystem     0.085
Statocles::Deploy::Git Deploy a site to a Git repository     0.085
Statocles::Document Base class for all Statocles documents     0.085
Statocles::Event Events objects for Statocles     0.085
Statocles::Event::Pages     0.085
Statocles::Image A reference to an image     0.085
Statocles::Link A link object to build <a> and <link> tags     0.085
Statocles::Link::Tree A link object with child links, making a tree     0.085
Statocles::Page Base role for rendering files     0.085
Statocles::Page::Document Render document objects into HTML     0.085
Statocles::Page::File A page wrapping a file (handle)     0.085
Statocles::Page::List A page presenting a list of other pages     0.085
Statocles::Page::ListItem An item in a List page     0.085
Statocles::Page::Plain A plain page (with templates)     0.085
Statocles::Person Information about a person, including name and e-mail     0.085
Statocles::Plugin Base role for Statocles plugins     0.085
Statocles::Plugin::HTMLLint Check HTML for common errors and issues     0.085
Statocles::Plugin::Highlight Highlight code and configuration syntax     0.085
Statocles::Plugin::LinkCheck Check links and images for validity during build     0.085
Statocles::Site An entire, configured website     0.085
Statocles::Store The source for data documents and files     0.085
Statocles::Store::File (DEPRECATED) A store made up of plain files     0.085
Statocles::Template A template object to pass around     0.085
Statocles::Test Common test routines for Statocles     0.085
Statocles::Theme Templates, headers, footers, and navigation     0.085
Statocles::Types Type constraints and coercions for Statocles     0.085
Statocles::Util Various utility functions to reduce dependencies     0.085


Statocles::Help Get help for Statocles  
Statocles::Help::Config A guide to configuring a Statocles site  
Statocles::Help::Content How to use Statocles to write content  
Statocles::Help::Deploy How to deploy a Statocles site  
Statocles::Help::Develop How Statocles works and how to write Statocles modules  
Statocles::Help::Error A guide to fixing errors from Statocles  
Statocles::Help::Policy Development and deprecation policies  
Statocles::Help::Setup How to set up a Statocles site  
Statocles::Help::Theme A guide to making Statocles themes  
Statocles::Help::Upgrading A guide to pitfalls when upgrading Statocles Prepare a release blog entry for this project  
statocles Run Statocles commands  

Other Files