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Module Version: 0.07   Source   Latest Release: Asm-Preproc-1.02


Asm::Preproc - Preprocessor to be called from an assembler


  use Asm::Preproc;
  my $pp = Asm::Preproc->new();
  my $pp = Asm::Preproc->new(@files);
  $pp->add_path(@path); @path = $pp->path;
  $pp->include($file); $pp->include($file, $from_line);
  my $full_path = $pp->path_search($file);

  my $iter = sub {return scalar <STDIN>};
  my $line = $pp->getline;     # isa Asm::Preproc::Line
  my $strm = $pp->line_stream; # isa Asm::Preproc::Stream


This module implements a preprocessor that reads source files and handles recursive file includes. It is intended to be called from inside an assembler or compiler.



Creates a new object. If an argument list is given, calls include for each of the file starting from the last, so that the files are read in the given order.


Returns the list of directories to search in sequence for source files.


Adds the given directories to the path searched for include files.


Searches for the given file in the path created by add_path, returns the first full path name where the file can be found.

Returns the input file name if the file is found in the current directory, or if it is not found in any of the path directories.


Open the input file and sets-up the object to read each line in sequence.

The optional second argument is a Asm::Preproc::Line object pointing at the %include line that included the file, to be used in error messages.

An exception is raised if the input file cannot be read, or if a file is included recursively, to avoid an infinite include loop.


Sets-up the object to read each element of the passed input list one line at a time.

Each element of the list is either a text string or a code reference of an iterator. The iterator may return text strings, or other iterators that will be called recursively. The iterator returns undef at the end of input.

The text strings are split by lines, so that each getline calls returns one complete line.

As the text lines are scanned for pre-processor directives, the following two lines are equivalent:

  $pp->include_list('%include <file.asm>');


Returns the next line from the input, after doing all the pre-processing. The line is returned as a Asm::Preproc::Line object containing the actual text, and the file and line number where the text was found.

Returns undef at the end of the input.


Returns a Asm::Preproc::Stream object that will return the result of getline on each get call.


The preprocessor can be configured to read different assembly languages by subclassing. Each of the config_xxx below return a default value and can be overloaded to change the default behaviour.


Set to true to join lines ending with backslash (\) with the following line.

default = TRUE


Regular expression to match an include preprocessor statement and return $1 with the included filename. $1 may be undefined if the include statement is not followed by a file name.

default = %include | #include 'FILE' | "FILE" | <FILE> | FILE


Regular expression to match a line preprocessor statement and return $1 with the new line number, $2 with the line increment, and $3 with the filename. All three results may be undefined, if the corresponding element is missing.

default = %line | #line NN[+NN] 'FILE' | "FILE" | FILE


Regular expression to match a preprocessor statement to be ignored. Also used to ignore an all-comment line

default = % | # | ;


The following preprocessor-like lines are processed:

  %line N+M FILE

nasm-like line directive, telling that the next input line is line N from file FILE, followed by lines N+M, N+2*M, ... This information is used to generate error messages. Usefull to parse a file preprocessed by nasm.

  #line N "FILE"

cpp-like line directive, telling that the next input line is line N from file FILE, followed by lines N+1, N+2, ... This information is used to generate error messages. Usefull to parse a file preprocessed by cpp.

  %include 'FILE'
  %include "FILE"
  %include <FILE>
  %include  FILE
  #include 'FILE'
  #include "FILE"
  #include <FILE>
  #include  FILE

nasm/cpp-like include directive, asking to insert the contents of the given file in the input stream.

All the other preprocessor-like lines are ignored, i.e. lines starting with '#' or '%'.


Paulo Custodio, <pscust at>


Please report any bugs or feature requests through the web interface at


Inspired in the Netwide Assembler,


Copyright (c) 2010-2013 Paulo Custodio.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See for more information.

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