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Peter Shangov > CPAN-Local-0.006


This Release CPAN-Local-0.006  [Download] [Browse 18 Sep 2012
Latest Release CPAN-Local-0.010  [Download] [Browse 12 Dec 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


CPAN::Local Hack custom CPAN repos     0.006
CPAN::Local::App CPAN::Local's App::Cmd     0.006
CPAN::Local::App::Command::init Initialize an empty repository     0.006
CPAN::Local::App::Command::update Update repository     0.006
CPAN::Local::Distribution Base distribution class     0.006
CPAN::Local::Distribution::Role::FromURI Allow distributions to be fetched from remote uris     0.006
CPAN::Local::Distribution::Role::MD5 Calculate checksums for a distribution     0.006
CPAN::Local::Distribution::Role::Metadata Read a distribution's metadata     0.006
CPAN::Local::Distribution::Role::NameInfo CPAN::DistnameInfo for a distribution     0.006
CPAN::Local::MVP::Assembler MVP assembler for CPAN::Local     0.006
CPAN::Local::Plugin Base class for plugins     0.006
CPAN::Local::Plugin::Duplicates Remove duplicates     0.006
CPAN::Local::Plugin::Indices Update index files     0.006
CPAN::Local::Plugin::Inject Inject a distribution into the repo     0.006
CPAN::Local::Role::Cleanup Remove orphan files     0.006
CPAN::Local::Role::Finalise Do something after updates complete     0.006
CPAN::Local::Role::Gather Select distributions to add     0.006
CPAN::Local::Role::Index Index a repo     0.006
CPAN::Local::Role::Initialise Initialize an empty repo     0.006
CPAN::Local::Role::Inject Add selected distributions to a repo     0.006
CPAN::Local::Role::Prune Remove distributions from selection list     0.006
CPAN::Local::Role::Remove Remove distributions from the repo     0.006


lpan Execute commands against a local mirror