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Jason Purdy > CGI-MxScreen-0.103


This Release CGI-MxScreen-0.103  [Download] [Browse 18 Oct 2004
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Special Files


CGI::MxScreen a multi-screen stateful CGI framework    0.103
CGI::MxScreen::Action_Env Action callback error context     
CGI::MxScreen::Config configuration for CGI::MxScreen     
CGI::MxScreen::Constant Internal constants     
CGI::MxScreen::Error Error return codes for action callbacks     
CGI::MxScreen::Exception Mother of all exception classes     
CGI::MxScreen::Exception::Bounce State bouncing exception     
CGI::MxScreen::Form::Button A recorded button     
CGI::MxScreen::Form::Field A recorded field     
CGI::MxScreen::Form::Utils Standard validation & patching routines     
CGI::MxScreen::HTML various HTML utility routines     
CGI::MxScreen::Layout ancestor for layout objects     
CGI::MxScreen::Screen Ancestor for all user screens     
CGI::MxScreen::Serializer Abstract serializer interface     
CGI::MxScreen::Serializer::Storable Storable serialization     
CGI::MxScreen::Session Handle session save and restore     
CGI::MxScreen::Session::Medium Abstract session saving medium     
CGI::MxScreen::Session::Medium::Browser Browser session medium     
CGI::MxScreen::Session::Medium::File File session medium     
CGI::MxScreen::Session::Medium::Raw_File Fast file session medium     
CGI::MxScreen::Tie::Buffered_Output Buferring of screen outputs     
CGI::MxScreen::Tie::Read_Checked Global hash key access checking     
CGI::MxScreen::Tie::Sinkable A sinkable tied filehandle     
CGI::MxScreen::Tie::Stdout Discard STDOUT output