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bin/bookbot  [pod] Launcher of bots
BookBot.pm  [pod] Virtual bot to be inherited
BookBot/Alias.pm  [pod] Utility class to support bot alias
BookBot/Chinese.pm  [pod] Virtual bot to support chinese
BookBot/Chinese/Agriculture/Cast.pm  [pod] Bot of http://www.cast.net.cn
BookBot/Chinese/Agriculture/GreenHouse/Tech.pm  [pod] Bot of http://www.cngreenhouse.com
BookBot/Chinese/Agriculture/GreenHouse/Market.pm  [pod] Bot of http://www.cngreenhouse.com
BookBot/Chinese/Novel/DragonSky.pm  [pod] Bot of http://www.dragonsky.net
BookBot/Chinese/Novel/ShuKu.pm  [pod] Bot of http://www.shuku.net
BookBot/Chinese/Periodical/WanFang.pm  [pod] Bot of http://periodicals.wanfangdata.com.cn
BookBot/English.pm  [pod] Virtual bot to support english
BookBot/FakeCookies.pm  [pod] Utility class to support cookies when local file
BookBot/Test.pm  [pod] Utility class to simplify test
Changes Change history
MANIFEST This list of files
Makefile.PL Makefile writer
TODO Todo list
clear.bat Command line tool to clear test result
t/10BookBot.t Test of WWW::BookBot
t/21Chinese.t Test of WWW::BookBot::Chinese
t/22English.t Test of wWW::BookBot::English
t/pattern.pl Test of pattern and its speed
test.bat Command line tool to simplify test