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Typhoon Web DataBase Administrator 1.2.2


Typhoon-Web-DataBase-Administrator-1.2.2 is a very easy to use, sexy, powerful and extremely userfriendly Database Administration Web-Program. It can administrate remote Database Servers by simply Adding an Hostname or IP-Address and select a Database type. Then fill in your Database username and password in the newly created host entry and start working with twdba.cgi For detailed description of what Typhoon-Web-DataBase-Administrator-1.2.2 is all about the screenshots of twdba.html It is also capable of copying an entire Database to an Empty Database in a snap. You will see how sexy, easy and powerfull this is!!! Drop me an email if you wish: Regards, Ron de Jong from Holland (Windmill & Cloggyland).


This script requires the CGI and DBI


To operate this script you need:





The tarball contains the following file:

twdba-1.2.2/README (explanation)

twdba-1.2.2/twdba.cgi (program)

twdba-1.2.2/twdba.html (Screenshots)


To install TWDBA, just copy Typhoon-Web-Database-1.?.?.tar.gz to a temp directory Such as /var/tmp and type the following: gzip -cd Typhoon-Web-Database-1.?.?.tar.gz | tar xvf - This will create a directory called twdba-1.?.? Go into the directory and copy twdba.cgi to your cgi-bin directory of your HTTP server Often this will be /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/ The only thing left is to set the owner and filepermissions correct. The owner shout be the user that is also running httpd (web-server) A quick "ps -ef | grep httpd" will give you the releated username Type chown nobody:nobody /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/twdba.cgi Type chmod 740 /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/twdba.cgi The above will set nobody nobody rwx r-- --- twdba.cgi (nobody is an advised httpd user).


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