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Math::BLAS::PP - pure Perl BLAS


    use Math::BLAS::PP;


Don't use this yourself.

Reduction Operations

dot_d (n, alpha, x, x_ind, x_incr, y, y_ind, y_incr, beta, r, r_ind)

Dot product.

norm_d (norm, n, x, x_ind, x_incr)

Vector norms.

sum_d (n, x, x_ind, x_incr)

Sum of vector elements.

min_val_d (n, x, x_ind, x_incr)

Minimum value and location.

amin_val_d (n, x, x_ind, x_incr)

Minimum absolute value and location.

max_val_d (n, x, x_ind, x_incr)

Maximum value and location.

amax_val_d (n, x, x_ind, x_incr)

Maximum absolute value and location.

sumsq_d (n, x, x_ind, x_incr, sumsq, scale)

Sum of squares.

Vector Operations

scale_d (n, alpha, x, x_ind, x_incr)


rscale_d (n, alpha, x, x_ind, x_incr)

Reciprocal scale.

axpby_d (n, alpha, x, x_ind, x_incr, beta, y, y_ind, y_incr)

Scaled vector accumulation.

waxpby_d (n, alpha, x, x_ind, x_incr, beta, y, y_ind, y_incr, w, w_ind, w_incr)

Scaled vector addition.

Data Movement with Vectors

copy_d (n, x, x_ind, x_incr, y, y_ind, y_incr)

Copy vector elements.

swap_d (n, x, x_ind, x_incr, y, y_ind, y_incr)

Interchange vector elements.

Matrix/Vector Operations

gemv_d (a_op, m, n, alpha, a, a_ind, a_incr, x, x_ind, x_incr, beta, y, y_ind, y_incr)

General matrix/vector multiplication.

Matrix/Matrix Operations

gemm_d (a_op, b_op, m, n, k, alpha, a, a_ind, a_incr, b, b_ind, b_incr, beta, c, c_ind, c_incr)

General matrix/matrix multiplication.




Ralph Schleicher <>

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