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Source   Latest Release: CGI-MxScreen-0.103
README The main README file
MANIFEST This shupping list
ChangeLog List of changes
Makefile.PL Builds Makefile  [pod] Manager object
MxScreen/  [pod] Environment for action callbacks
MxScreen/  [pod] Dynamic configuration
MxScreen/  [pod] Internal constants
MxScreen/  [pod] Action callback return codes
MxScreen/  [pod] Ancestor for exception classes
MxScreen/Exception/  [pod] A screen bounce exception
MxScreen/Form/  [pod] A recorded button
MxScreen/Form/  [pod] A recorded fields
MxScreen/Form/  [pod] Repository of field callbacks
MxScreen/  [pod] Extra HTML generating subs
MxScreen/  [pod] Hooks for layout control
MxScreen/  [pod] Ancestor of all user-defined screens
MxScreen/  [pod] Ancestor of all serializers
MxScreen/Serializer/  [pod] The Storable serializer
MxScreen/  [pod] Session management object
MxScreen/Session/  [pod] Abstract session medium
MxScreen/Session/Medium/  [pod] Session saved within browser
MxScreen/Session/Medium/  [pod] Session saved to a file
MxScreen/Session/Medium/  [pod] Session saved via raw Storable calls
MxScreen/Tie/  [pod] Buffers STDOUT output until completion
MxScreen/Tie/  [pod] Checks key access to global hash
MxScreen/Tie/  [pod] Ancestor to sinkable tied filehandles
MxScreen/Tie/  [pod] Discards STDOUT until display() time
t/action.t Tests -action callbacks
t/basic.t Tests basic processing
t/buffering.t Tests STDOUT buffering
t/cgi/action CGI for -action testing
t/cgi/basic CGI for basic testing
t/cgi/bounce CGI for state bounce testing
t/cgi/config CGI for configuration testing
t/cgi/config_nobuf CGI for config with no buffering
t/cgi/config_sup CGI for superseded configuration test
t/cgi/dyn_target CGI for -dyn_target testing
t/cgi/early_write CGI for testing STDOUT discards
t/cgi/enter_leave CGI for testing enter() and leave()
t/cgi/example The CGI example from the manpage
t/cgi/layout CGI for testing layouts
t/cgi/ Layout implementation
t/cgi/ Basic configuration file
t/cgi/storage CGI for -storage testing
t/ Common testing code
t/config.t Tests dynamic configuration
t/dyn_target.t Tests -dyn_target in buttons
t/enter_leave.t Tests enter() and leave() in screens
t/example.t Tests the manpage example
t/layout.t Tests layout customization
t/states.t Tests the state machine
t/storage.t Tests -storage for fields