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Source   Latest Release: Carp-Datum-0.1.3


Carp::Datum::MakeMaker - Offer to strip Carp::Datum calls statically


 # Put this at the top of the Makefile.PL for your module
 use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;       # you may omit this line
 use Carp::Datum::MakeMaker;


The Carp::Datum::MakeMaker module supersedes the regular WriteMakefile() routine of ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

When running the Makefile.PL from your module interactively, the user will be asked whether calls to Carp::Datum should be stripped at build time.

By default, or when running non-interactively, most calls to Carp::Datum routines will be removed: the datum_strip program will be invoked to filter your *.pm files during the build process. This program is a mere wrapper for the datum_strip() routine, defined in Carp::Datum::Strip.

The only call that will not be stripped is the DTRACE() call. However, it will be dynamically remapped to a Log::Agent call. It cannot be statically remapped because of its baroque interface.

At the top of your Makefile.PL, you should put

    use Carp::Datum::MakeMaker;

which will take care of loading ExtUtils::MakeMaker for you. Note that it makes sense to refer to this module, since you're using Carp::Datum internally, and therefore the user will not be able to install your module if he does not have Carp::Datum already installed.

If you wish to be nicer about Carp::Datum not being installed, you can say instead:

    use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
    eval "use Carp::Datum::MakeMaker;";

        'NAME'      => "Your::module::name",
        'PREREQ_PM' => {
            'Carp::Datum'  => '0.100',

It will allow them to run the Makefile.PL, and yet be reminded about the missing Carp::Datum module. Chances are they won't be able to go much farther though...


Christophe Dehaudt <> and Raphael Manfredi <>.


Carp::Datum::Strip(3), ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3).

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