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Log::NullLogLite - The Log::NullLogLite class implements the Null Object pattern for the Log::LogLite class.


  use Log::NullLogLite;
  # create new Log::NullLogLite object
  my $log = new Log::NullLogLite();


  # we had an error (this entry will not be written to the log 
  # file because we use Log::NullLogLite object).
  $log->write("Could not open the file ".$file_name.": $!", 4);


The Log::NullLogLite class is derived from the Log::LogLite class and implement the Null Object Pattern to let us to use the Log::LogLite class with null Log::LogLite objects. We might want to do that if we use a Log::LogLite object in our code, and we do not want always to actually define a Log::LogLite object (i.e. not always we want to write to a log file). In such a case we will create a Log::NullLogLite object instead of the Log::LogLite object, and will use that object instead. The object has all the methods that the Log::LogLite object has, but those methods do nothing. Thus our code will continue to run without any change, yet we will not have to define a log file path for the Log::LogLite object, and no log will be created.



The constructor. The parameters will not have any affect. Returns the new Log::NullLogLite object.


write( MESSAGE [, LEVEL ] )

Does nothing. The parameters will not have any affect. Returns nothing.

level( [ LEVEL ] )

Does nothing. The parameters will not have any affect. Returns -1.

default_message( [ MESSAGE ] )

Does nothing. The parameters will not have any affect. Returns empty string ("").


Rani Pinchuk,


Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Ockham Technology N.V. & Rani Pinchuk. All rights reserved. This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Log::LogLite(3), The Null Object Pattern - Bobby Woolf - PLoP96 - published in Pattern Languages of Program Design 3 (,,0201310112,00.html)

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