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Barrie Slaymaker > IPC-Run3-0.01


This Release IPC-Run3-0.01  [Download] [Browse 08 Mar 2004
Latest Release IPC-Run3-0.048  [Download] [Browse 29 Mar 2014
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Special Files


IPC::Run3 Run a subprocess in batch mode (a la system) on Unix, Win32, etc.    0.01
IPC::Run3::ProfArrayBuffer Store profile events in RAM in a Perl ARRAY    0.0001
IPC::Run3::ProfLogReader Read an IPC::Run3::ProfLogger file and dispatch it    0.0001
IPC::Run3::ProfLogger Write profiling data to a log file    0.0001
IPC::Run3::ProfPP Generate reports from IPC::Run3 profiling data    0.0001
IPC::Run3::ProfReporter A base class for handling profiling data    0.0001


run3profpp Report on IPC::Run3 profiling data