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This Release App-PipeFilter-0.005  [Download] [Browse 29 Apr 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::PipeFilter     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Generic     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Generic::Json a generic JSON pipeline filter     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonCat useless use of cat(1) for JSON streams     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonCut return specified fields from a JSON stream     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonEthernetToIp     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonIpToUdp     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonMap map input fields to output fields by renaming them     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonPath return JSON::Path-specified fields from a JSON stream     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonPcapToEthernet     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonSort a sort(1)-like filter that understands JSON fields     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonToPcap     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonToTsv translate streams of JSON objects into tab-separated columns     0.005
App::PipeFilter::JsonToYaml translate streams of JSON objects into YAML     0.005
App::PipeFilter::MysqlToJson translate mysql batch output to JSON     0.005
App::PipeFilter::PcapToJson     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Flags::Standard standard flag attributes and getopt     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Input::ArrayBuffer     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Input::Json parse input as a stream of JSON records     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Opener::GenericIO generic methods to open input and output files     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Opener::GenericInput common method to open input files     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Opener::GenericOutput a generic method to open output files     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Opener::PcapInput     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Opener::PcapOutput     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Output::Json serialize output as one JSON object per line     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Output::Pcap     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Output::Tsv serialize output objects one per TSV row     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Output::Yaml serialize output as YAML     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Reader::LineByLine read input streams one line at a time     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Reader::Pcap     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Reader::Sysread read input streams in large chunks for speed     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Transform::EthernetToIp     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Transform::IpToUdp     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Transform::None don't transform data at all     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Transform::PcapToEthernet     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Writer::Pcap     0.005
App::PipeFilter::Role::Writer::Print     0.005


jcat concatenate and print JSON files  
jcut cut out selected portions of each JSON object in a file  
jmap map input JSON fields to output JSON fields by renaming them  
json2tsv convert files of JSON objects into a stream of TSV rows  
json2yaml convert files of JSON objects into a stream of YAML objects  
jsonpath use JSON::Path to cut out selected portions of JSON objects  
jsort sort input files of JSON objects on key fields  
mysql2json convert mysql -B output to JSON object streams  

Other Files