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This Release Reflex-0.100  [Download] [Browse 02 Apr 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


MooseX::Role::Reactive     0.100
Reflex Class library for flexible, reactive programs.     0.100
Reflex::Acceptor a non-blocking server (client socket acceptor)     0.100
Reflex::Base Base class for reactive (aka, event driven) objects.     0.100
Reflex::Callback Generic callback adapters to simplify calling back     0.100
Reflex::Callback::CodeRef Callback adapter for plain code references     0.100
Reflex::Callback::Method Callback adapter for class and object methods     0.100
Reflex::Callback::Promise Non-callback, inline Promise adapter     0.100
Reflex::Callbacks Convenience functions for creating and using callbacks     0.100
Reflex::Client A non-blocking socket client.     0.100
Reflex::Codec::Message     0.100
Reflex::Codec::Message::Datagram     0.100
Reflex::Codec::Message::Eof     0.100
Reflex::Codec::Message::Stream     0.100
Reflex::Collection Autmatically manage a collection of collectible objects     0.100
Reflex::Connector non-blocking client socket connector     0.100
Reflex::Decoder::Line     0.100
Reflex::Eg Reflex examples namespace     0.100
Reflex::Eg::Inheritance::Moose Inheriting a Reflex timer using Moose.     0.100
Reflex::Eg::Inheritance::Plain Inheriting a Reflex timer with plain Perl.     0.100
Reflex::Encoder::Line     0.100
Reflex::Event     0.100
Reflex::Event::Datagram     0.100
Reflex::Event::EOF     0.100
Reflex::Event::Error     0.100
Reflex::Event::FileHandle     0.100
Reflex::Event::Flushed     0.100
Reflex::Event::Interval     0.100
Reflex::Event::Octets     0.100
Reflex::Event::POE     0.100
Reflex::Event::Postback     0.100
Reflex::Event::SigChild     0.100
Reflex::Event::Signal     0.100
Reflex::Event::Socket     0.100
Reflex::Event::Time     0.100
Reflex::Event::Timeout     0.100
Reflex::Event::ValueChange     0.100
Reflex::Event::Wakeup     0.100
Reflex::Filehandle     0.100
Reflex::Interval A stand-alone multi-shot periodic callback     0.100
Reflex::PID Watch the exit of a subprocess by its SIGCHLD signal.     0.100
Reflex::POE::Event Communicate with POE components expecting events.     0.100
Reflex::POE::Postback Communicate with POE components expecting postbacks.     0.100
Reflex::POE::Session Watch events from a POE::Session object.     0.100
Reflex::POE::Wheel Base class for POE::Wheel wrappers.     0.100
Reflex::POE::Wheel::Run Represent POE::Wheel::Run as a Reflex class.     0.100
Reflex::Role define a Reflex paramaterized role     0.100
Reflex::Role::Accepting add connection accepting to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::Collectible add manageability by Reflex::Collection     0.100
Reflex::Role::Connecting add non-blocking client connecting to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::Decoding     0.100
Reflex::Role::Decoding::Datagram     0.100
Reflex::Role::Decoding::Stream     0.100
Reflex::Role::Encoding     0.100
Reflex::Role::InStreaming add streaming input behavior to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::Interval set a periodic, recurring timer     0.100
Reflex::Role::OutStreaming add streaming input behavior to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::PidCatcher add async process reaping behavior to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::Reactive Make an object reactive (aka, event driven).     0.100
Reflex::Role::Readable add readable-watching behavior to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::Reading add standard sysread() behavior to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::Recving Mix standard send/recv code into a class.     0.100
Reflex::Role::SigCatcher add signal catching behavior to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::Streaming add streaming I/O behavior to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::Timeout set a wakeup callback for a relative delay     0.100
Reflex::Role::Wakeup set a wakeup callback for a particular UNIX time     0.100
Reflex::Role::Writable add writable-watching behavior to a class     0.100
Reflex::Role::Writing add buffered non-blocking syswrite() to a class     0.100
Reflex::Signal receive callbacks when signals arrive     0.100
Reflex::Stream Buffered, translated I/O on non-blocking handles.     0.100
Reflex::Timeout A stand-alone single-shot delayed callback     0.100
Reflex::Trait::EmitsOnChange Emit an event when an attribute's value changes.     0.100
Reflex::Trait::Observed Automaticall watch Reflex objects.     0.100
Reflex::Trait::Watched Automatically watch Reflex objects.     0.100
Reflex::UdpPeer Base class for non-blocking UDP networking peers.     0.100
Reflex::Wakeup A stand-alone single-shot callback at an absolute time     0.100


Reflex::Doc What is Reflex, and how do I use it?  

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