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Robin Clarke > WWW-EFA-0.04


This Release WWW-EFA-0.04  [Download] [Browse 24 Jan 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


WWW::EFA Interface to EFA sites (Elektronische Fahrplanauskunft)     0.04
WWW::EFA::ConnectionsResult Store the results from a connection query     0.01
WWW::EFA::Coordinates Longitude/Latitude     0.01
WWW::EFA::Departure An instance of a Departure detail     0.01
WWW::EFA::DepartureFactory     0.01
WWW::EFA::DeparturesResult Store the results from a departures query     0.01
WWW::EFA::HeaderFactory A (very small) Factory for creating WWW::EFA::ResultHeader objects.     0.01
WWW::EFA::Line a transport line     0.01
WWW::EFA::LineFactory     0.01
WWW::EFA::Location An instance of a location determined through an EFA interface     0.01
WWW::EFA::LocationFactory A Factory for creating WWW::EFA::Location objects.     0.01
WWW::EFA::PartialRoute A Partial route     0.01
WWW::EFA::Place A Place     0.01
WWW::EFA::PlaceFactory A Factory for creating WWW::EFA::Place objects.     0.01
WWW::EFA::Provider::MVV Interface to the MVV (Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund GmbH)     0.01
WWW::EFA::Request A request which can be passed around, and built up     0.01
WWW::EFA::ResultHeader Information from the root (itdRequest) element found in every result     0.01
WWW::EFA::Roles::Printable makes objects printable      
WWW::EFA::Route A Route     0.01
WWW::EFA::RouteFactory A factory for creating WWW::EFA::Route objects.     0.02
WWW::EFA::Station Store a station with its location, departures and lines     0.01
WWW::EFA::Stop A stop in a trip sequence     0.01


A Factory for creating WWW::EFA::Coordinates objects.