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Richard Clamp > Pipeline-3.12


This Release Pipeline-3.12  [Download] [Browse 08 Aug 2004
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Special Files


Pipeline Generic pipeline interface    3.12
Pipeline::Analyser a small tool for viewing a pipeline    3.12
Pipeline::Base base class for all classes in Pipeline distribution    3.12
Pipeline::Dispatch dispatcher for pipeline segments    3.12
Pipeline::Dumper tool for dumping a pipeline    3.12
Pipeline::Error::Abstract exception thrown from abstract methods    3.12
Pipeline::Error::AsyncResults exception thrown from asynchronous segments    3.12
Pipeline::Error::Construction exception thrown during object construction failure    3.12
Pipeline::Production wrapper for production objects    3.12
Pipeline::Segment basic class for a segment    3.12
Pipeline::Segment::Async asynchronous pipeline segments    3.12
Pipeline::Segment::Async::Fork fork model for asynchronous pipeline segments    3.12
Pipeline::Segment::Async::Handler interface for asynchronous segment models    3.12
Pipeline::Segment::Async::IThreads ithread model for asynchronous pipeline segments    3.12
Pipeline::Segment::Tester a test wrapper for a Pipeline::Segment    3.12
Pipeline::Store defines the interface for Pipeline store classes    3.12
Pipeline::Store::ISA inheritance-based store for pipelines    3.12
Pipeline::Store::Simple simple store for pipelines    3.12