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get_entity_Annotation ^

An annotation is a comment attached to a feature. Annotations are used to track the history of a feature's functional assignments and any related issues. The key is the feature ID followed by a colon and a complemented ten-digit sequence number.


    get_entity_Annotation -a < ids > table.with.fields.added

would read in a file of ids and add a column for each filed in the entity.

The standard input should be a tab-separated table (i.e., each line is a tab-separated set of fields). Normally, the last field in each line would contain the id. If some other column contains the id, use

    -c N

where N is the column (from 1) that contains the id.

This is a pipe command. The input is taken from the standard input, and the output is to the standard output.

Related entities

The Annotation entity has the following relationship links:

Annotates Feature

Command-Line Options

-c Column

Use the specified column to define the id of the entity to retrieve.


Display a list of the fields available for use.

-fields field-list

Choose a set of fields to return. Field-list is a comma-separated list of strings. The following fields are available:


Output Format

The standard output is a tab-delimited file. It consists of the input file with an extra column added for each requested field. Input lines that cannot be extended are written to stderr.

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