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Jens Rehsack > Net-Radio-oFono-0.001


This Release Net-Radio-oFono-0.001  [Download] [Browse 04 Jul 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Net::Radio::oFono Perl API to oFono     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::CellBroadcast access Modem object's CellBroadcast interface     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::ConnectionContext provide ConnectionContext API for objects managed by ConnectionManager     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::ConnectionManager provide ConnectionManager interface for Modem objects     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::Manager access to oFono's Manager objects     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::Message provide Message API for objects managed by MessageManager     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::MessageManager provide MessageManager interface for Modem objects      
Net::Radio::oFono::MessageWaiting provide MessageWaiting interface for Modem objects     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::Modem access to oFono's Modem objects     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::NetworkOperator provide NetworkOperator API for objects managed by NetworkRegistration     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::NetworkRegistration provide NetworkRegistration interface for Modem objects     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::RadioSettings provide RadioSettings interface for Modem objects     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::Roles::Manager Role for Interfaces which manages objects     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::Roles::Properties generic property access for remote oFono objects     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::Roles::RemoteObj lifecycle management for remote oFono objects     0.001
Net::Radio::oFono::SimManager access Modem object's SimManager interface     0.001