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Jens Rehsack > SQL-Statement-1.401


This Release SQL-Statement-1.401  [Download] [Browse 29 Oct 2012
Latest Release SQL-Statement-1.412  [Download] [Browse 06 Apr 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


SQL::Dialects::ANSI     1.401
SQL::Dialects::AnyData     1.401
SQL::Dialects::CSV     1.401
SQL::Dialects::Role The role of being a SQL::Dialect     1.401
SQL::Eval Base for deriving evaluation objects for SQL::Statement     1.401
SQL::Parser validate and parse SQL strings     1.401
SQL::Statement SQL parsing and processing engine     1.401
SQL::Statement::Function abstract base class for all function executing terms     1.401
SQL::Statement::Functions built-in & user-defined SQL functions     1.401
SQL::Statement::GetInfo     1.401
SQL::Statement::Operation base class for all operation terms     1.401
SQL::Statement::Placeholder implements getting the next placeholder value     1.401
SQL::Statement::RAM     1.401
SQL::Statement::Term base class for all terms     1.401
SQL::Statement::TermFactory Factory for SQL::Statement::Term instances     1.401
SQL::Statement::Util     1.401


SQL::Statement::Embed embed a SQL engine in a DBD or module  
SQL::Statement::Roadmap Planned Enhancements for SQL::Statement and SQL::Parser  
SQL::Statement::Structure parse and examine structure of SQL queries  
SQL::Statement::Syntax documentation of SQL::Statement's SQL Syntax