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MANIFEST this file
README quick introduction to this package, including installation
Changes change history (such as it is...)
Makefile.PL source for MakeMaker (run "perl Makefile.PL" to build this package)
tdfind  [pod] perl/Tk script TDLIST finder for preparing register.tde file
aradjust  [pod] perl/Tk script for tournament result adjustments
tpairs  [pod] script to format pairs listing from AGA format files
randresult  [pod] script to generate random tournament results
rats  [pod] script to calculate ratings adjustments
gopair  [pod] script to generate go tournament pairings
tscore  [pod] script to calculate the tournament result (score)
send2aga  [pod] script to generate final results to send to AGA  [pod] copy of error function module from Math::SpecFun  [pod] perl/Tk widget entry support for TDFinder widget  [pod] perl/Tk widget support for tdfind script
t/Games-Go-AGA-TDEntry.t tests for TDEntry
t/Games-Go-AGA-TDFinder.t tests for TDFinder
META.yml Module meta-data (added by MakeMaker)