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Before you start ^

Carefully study LiveCDCustomization

Install Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop 32 Bit ^

It's recommended to build a 12.10 Ubuntu Live CD/DVD on a running 12.10 Ubuntu System.

It's also recommended to use the same architecture (e.g. i386) for the running system and the Live DVD.

Create your build folder ^

 sudo mkdir /opt/livecd
 sudo chown user:group /opt/livecd
 cd /opt/livecd

Obtain the base system ^

Download 'ubuntu-12.10-desktop-32.iso' for i686 32bit from

and put it into your build folder.

Run the build scripts ^

Put all the scripts and folder from this directory into your build folder and run

   /bin/bash ./ 

Install CPAN Modules

After a while you'll be chrooted and get a cpan shell.

 install Task::LiveDVD::FrankfurtPM

Check the iso ^

If everything went fine there should be an iso-image called perl-ubuntu-12.10-desktop-32.iso

Use Virtualbox, kvm, Xen, whatever to check your new system.

You can safely ignore any error messages about sane and colord.


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