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Rolf Harold Nelson > SyslogScan-0.32


This Release SyslogScan-0.32  [Download] [Browse 24 Nov 1997
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Special Files


SyslogScan::ByGroup Organizes a Summary of mail statistics into Groups of related e-mail users    0.2
SyslogScan::Delivery encapsulates a logged, successful delivery of mail from a sender to a list of recipients.    0.2
SyslogScan::DeliveryIterator scans a syslog file for "deliveries", successful transfers of mail to mailboxes or to other machines.    0.3
SyslogScan::FilterUser     0.2
SyslogScan::Group     0.2
SyslogScan::In_identdLine     0.2
SyslogScan::SendmailLine Enhances basic SyslogEntry parsing by understanding sendmail to/from message syntax.    0.21
SyslogScan::SendmailLineClone     0.2
SyslogScan::SendmailLineFrom encapsulates a 'From:' line in a syslog file    0.2
SyslogScan::SendmailLineTo encapsulates a 'To:' line in a syslog file    0.2
SyslogScan::SendmailLineTrans     0.23
SyslogScan::SendmailUtil utilities for sendmail packages.    0.2
SyslogScan::Summary encapsulates a tally of how many bytes people have sent and received through sendmail    0.2
SyslogScan::SyslogEntry parses generic lines in syslog files.    0.31
SyslogScan::UnsupportedEntry     0.2
SyslogScan::Usage encapsulates the total volumes of mail broadcast, sent, and received through sendmail by a single user or group.    0.2
SyslogScan::Volume     0.2
SyslogScan::WhereIs     0.2


SyslogScan::WhereIs::guess return full path of syslog file where mail messages are logged Summarizes amount of mail routed through host, sorted by e-mail address