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Distribution Released
SQL-Abstract-1.81 Generate SQL from Perl data structures [Download] [Browse] 25 Oct 2014
namespace-clean-0.25 Keep imports and functions out of your namespace [Download] [Browse] 05 Mar 2014
Devel-PeekPoke-0.03 All your bytes are belong to us [Download] [Browse] 29 Dec 2012
Devel-GlobalDestruction-XS-0.01 Faster implementation of the Devel::GlobalDestruction API [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2013
DBIx-Class-Validation-0.02004 Validate all data before submitting to your database. [Download] [Browse] 22 Jun 2009
DBIx-Class-TimeStamp-0.14 DBIx::Class extension to update and create date and time based fields [Download] [Browse] 05 Sep 2010
DBIx-Class-Manual-SQLHackers-1.3 DBIC for SQLHackers Table of Contents [Download] [Browse] 13 Apr 2013
DBIx-Class-0.082820 Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper. [Download] [Browse] 20 Mar 2015
Class-Accessor-Grouped-0.10012 Lets you build groups of accessors [Download] [Browse] 05 Oct 2014