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Ryo Ito > OIDC-Lite-0.02


This Release OIDC-Lite-0.02  [Download] [Browse 06 Mar 2013
Latest Release OIDC-Lite-0.10  [Download] [Browse 05 Jun 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


OIDC::Lite OpenID Connect Library     0.02
OIDC::Lite::Client::Credential Class represents dynamic client registration response      
OIDC::Lite::Client::Registration OpenID Connect Dynamic Client Registration Client      
OIDC::Lite::Client::Token Class represents access-token response      
OIDC::Lite::Client::WebServer OpenID Connect Web Server Profile Client      
OIDC::Lite::Model::AuthInfo model class that represents authorization info.      
OIDC::Lite::Model::ClientInfo model class that represents client info.      
OIDC::Lite::Model::IDToken model class that represents ID token      
OIDC::Lite::Server::AuthorizationHandler handler for OpenID Connect Authorization request      
OIDC::Lite::Server::DataHandler Base class that specifies interface for data handler for your service.      
OIDC::Lite::Server::Endpoint::Registration registration endpoint PSGI application      
OIDC::Lite::Server::Endpoint::Token token endpoint PSGI application      
OIDC::Lite::Server::Error OpenID Connect server errors (for Dynamic Client Registration)      
OIDC::Lite::Server::GrantHandler::AuthorizationCode handler for 'authorization-code' grant_type request      
OIDC::Lite::Server::GrantHandlers store of handlers for each grant_type.      
OIDC::Lite::Server::RegistrationHandler base class of each registration_type handler      
OIDC::Lite::Server::RegistrationHandler::ClientAssociate handler for 'client_register' registration type request      
OIDC::Lite::Server::RegistrationHandler::ClientUpdate handler for 'client_update' registration type request      
OIDC::Lite::Server::RegistrationHandler::RotateSecret handler for 'rotate_secret' registration type request      
OIDC::Lite::Server::RegistrationHandlers store of handlers for each registration type.      
OIDC::Lite::Server::Scope utility class for OpenID Connect Scope      
OIDC::Lite::Util::JWT JSON Web Token      
Plack::Middleware::Auth::OIDC::ProtectedResource middleware for OpenID Connect Protected Resource endpoint