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Module Version: 1.0600   Source   Latest Release: Facebook-Graph-1.1204


Facebook::Graph::Authorize - Authorizing an app with Facebook


version 1.0600


 my $fb = Facebook::Graph->new(
    secret      => $facebook_application_secret,
    app_id      => $facebook_application_id,
    postback    => '',

 my $uri = $fb->authorize
    ->extend_permissions(qw( email publish_stream ))


Get an authorization code from Facebook so that you can request an access token to make privileged requests. The result of this package is to give you a URI to redirect a user to Facebook so they can log in, and approve whatever permissions you are requesting.


extend_permissions ( permissions )

Ask for extra permissions for your app. By default, if you do not request extended permissions your app will have access to only general information that any Facebook user would have. Returns a reference to self for method chaining.


An array of permissions. See for more information about what's available.

set_display ( type )

Sets the display type for the authorization screen that a user will see.


Defaults to page. Valid types are page, popup, wap, and touch. See Dialog Form Factors in for details.

uri_as_string ( )

Returns a URI string to redirect the user back to Facebook.


Facebook::Graph is Copyright 2010 - 2012 Plain Black Corporation ( and is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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