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This Release Facebook-Graph-1.1204  [Download] [Browse 14 Jun 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Facebook::Graph A fast and easy way to integrate your apps with Facebook.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::AccessToken Acquire an access token from Facebook.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::AccessToken::Response The Facebook access token request response.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Authorize Authorizing an app with Facebook     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::BatchRequests Batch Requests     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Page::Feed Add a post to a Facebook page.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Picture Get the URI for the picture of any object.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Publish A base class for publishing various things to facebook.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Publish::Checkin Publish a location checkin.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Publish::Comment Publish a comment on a post.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Publish::PageTab Add a page tab.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Publish::Photo Publish Photos     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Publish::Post Publish to a user's wall.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Publish::RSVPAttending RSVP attending to an event.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Publish::RSVPDeclined RSVP declined to an event.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Publish::RSVPMaybe RSVP maybe to an event.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Query Simple and fast searching and fetching of Facebook data.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Request Handling posts to Facebook Graph.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Response Handling of a Facebook::Graph response documents.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Role::Uri The base URI for the Facebook Graph API.     1.1204
Facebook::Graph::Session Convert old API sessions into Graph API access_tokens.     1.1204


Facebook::Graph::Cookbook A cookbook for Facebook::Graph  
Facebook::Graph::Cookbook::Recipe1 Building Privileged Applications  
Facebook::Graph::Cookbook::Recipe2 Building a Full Web App  
Facebook::Graph::Cookbook::Recipe3 Impersonation