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JT Smith > SVG-Estimate-1.0100


This Release SVG-Estimate-1.0100  [Download] [Browse 02 Aug 2016
Latest Release SVG-Estimate-1.0107  [Download] [Browse 23 Jan 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


SVG::Estimate Estimates the length of all the vectors in an SVG file.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Circle Handles estimating circles.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Ellipse Handles estimating ellipses.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Line Handles estimating straight lines.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Path Handles estimating arbitrary vectors.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Path::Arc Handles estimating arcs.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Path::Command Base class for all path calculations.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Path::CubicBezier Handles estimating cubic bezier curves.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Path::HorizontalLineto Handles estimating horizontal lines.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Path::Lineto Handles estimating diagonal lines.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Path::Moveto Handles estimating non-drawn movement.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Path::QuadraticBezier Handles estimating quadratic bezier curves.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Path::VerticalLineto Handles estimating vertical lines.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Polygon Handles estimating shapes of more than 3 points with straight lines between the points.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Polyline Handles estimating multi-part lines.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Rect Handles estimating rectangles.     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Role::EndToPoint Change arguments from "end" to "point", mainly for Path command objects     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Role::MakePolygon Approximate shapes that are hard to estimate     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Role::Pythagorean Use Pythagorean theorem to calc distance     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Role::Round Round to the nearest thousandth     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Role::SegmentLength Estimate the distance along a curve     1.0100
SVG::Estimate::Shape Base class for all other shape calculations.     1.0100


estimatesvg Do quick estimations of files via the CLI.