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Source   Latest Release: TheGameCrafter-Client-0.0104

Cookbook ^

Some examples of how to use the client.

Recipies ^

Authenticate Yourself

Make sure you've enabled the Developer flag in your TGC account and requested an API key. Then you can authenticate like this:

 my $session = tgc_post('session', { 
    username    => 'me', 
    password    => '123qwe', 
    api_key_id  => 'abcdefghijklmnopqrztuz',

Upload A File

If you want to create a file you can do that pretty easily. First you'll need a folder ID to attach it to. You can get your home folder ID like this:

 my $user = tgc_get('user', {
    session_id  => $session->{id},
 my $home_folder_id = $user->{root_folder_id};

Now you're ready to upload.

 my $file = tgc_post('file', {
    session_id  => $session->{id},
    file        => ['/path/to/file.jpg'],
    name        => 'file.jpg',
    folder_id   => $home_folder_id,
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