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Ricardo SIGNES > JMAP-Tester-0.018


This Release JMAP-Tester-0.018  [Download] [Browse 10 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


JMAP::Tester a JMAP client made for testing JMAP servers     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Abort     0.018
JMAP::Tester::LogWriter     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Logger     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Logger::HTTP     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Logger::Null     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Response what you get in reply to a succesful JMAP request     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Response::Paragraph a group of sentences in a JMAP response     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Response::Sentence a single triple within a JMAP response     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Response::Sentence::Set the kind of sentence you get in reply to a setFoos call     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Result::Auth what you get when you authenticate     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Result::Download what you get when you download a blob     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Result::Failure what you get when your JMAP request utterly fails     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Result::Logout a successful logout     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Result::Upload what you get when you upload a blob     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Role::Result the kind of thing that you get back for a request     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Role::SentenceBroker     0.018
JMAP::Tester::Role::SentenceCollection     0.018
JMAP::Tester::SentenceBroker     0.018