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This Release Pod-Weaver-3.101638  [Download] [Browse 03 Aug 2012
Latest Release Pod-Weaver-4.006  [Download] [Browse 07 Jan 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Pod::Weaver weave together a Pod document from an outline     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Config stored configuration loader role     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Config::Assembler Pod::Weaver-specific subclass of Config::MVP::Assembler     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Config::Finder the reader for weaver.ini files     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Plugin::EnsurePod5 ensure that the Pod5 translator has been run on this document     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Plugin::H1Nester structure the input pod document into head1-grouped sections     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Transformer apply arbitrary transformers     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::PluginBundle::CorePrep a bundle for the most commonly-needed prep work for a pod document     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::PluginBundle::Default a bundle for the most commonly-needed prep work for a pod document     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Role::Dialect something that translates Pod subdialects to standard Pod5     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Role::Finalizer something that goes back and finishes up after main weaving is over     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Role::Plugin a Pod::Weaver plugin     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Role::Preparer something that mucks about with the input before weaving begins     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Role::Section a plugin that will get a section into a woven document     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Role::Transformer something that restructures a Pod5 document     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Section::Authors a section listing authors     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Section::Bugs a section for bugtracker info     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Section::Collect a section that gathers up specific commands     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Section::Generic a generic section, found by lifting sections     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Section::Leftovers a place to put everything that nothing else used     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Section::Legal a section for the copyright and license     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Section::Name add a NAME section with abstract (for your Perl module)     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Section::Region find a region and put its contents in place where desired     3.101638
Pod::Weaver::Section::Version add a VERSION pod section     3.101638