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Module Version: 0.67   Source - Perl Library Support for ^


  use Browser::LibModule;
  use Browser::LibModuleSymbol;
  use Browser::LibSymbolRef;


Browser::LibModule provides a Tk::Browser(3) with hierarchical object references to Perl library modules, including package name, file name, version, arrays of stash references, and superclasses, if any.

Browser::LibModule stores objects in a tree similar to the Perl class hierarchy. The library module that the Browser::LibModule object references need not be object oriented. Every module is a subclass of Perl's default superclass UNIVERSAL. provides lexical scanning and lookup, and cross referencing subroutines.

Browser::LibSymbolRef provides a few methods for tied objects that correspond to stash references.

Running Under Perl/Tk

Browser::LibModule call Tk::Event::DoOneEvent() to provide window updates. The function usesTk() determines whether the module is called from a program that uses Perl/Tk and returns true if called from a program that has a Tk::MainWindow. Otherwise usesTk() returns false.


$Id:,v 1.5 2004/02/14 22:19:06 kiesling Exp $


Copyright © 2001-2004 Robert Kiesling,

Licensed using the same terms as Perl. Refer to the file, "Artistic," for information.


Browser::LibModuleSymbol(3), Lib::SymbolRef(3), Tk::Browser(3), perlmod(1), perlmodlib(1), perl(1).

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