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SYNOPSIS ^ -input <oldfile> -output <newfile>


This will attempt to upgrade DB files from one version of DBM::Deep to another. The version of the input file is detected from the file header. The version of the output file defaults to the version of the distro in this file, but can be set, if desired.


-input (required)

This is the name of original DB file.

-output (required)

This is the name of target output DB file.


Optionally, you can specify the version of DBM::Deep for the output file. This can either be an upgrade or a downgrade. The minimum version supported is 0.91.

If the version is the same as the input file, this acts like a compressed copy of the database.


In pre-1.0000 versions, autoblessing was an optional setting defaulting to false. Autobless in defaults to true.


Prints a brief help message, then exits.


Prints a much longer message, then exits;


The following are known issues with this converter.


Rob Kinyon,

Originally written by Rob Kinyon,


Copyright (c) 2007 Rob Kinyon. All Rights Reserved. This is free software, you may use it and distribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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