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Win32::GUI::ReleaseNotes::RN_0_0_665 - This is the release notes for Version 0.0.665 of Win32::GUI

Release Date ^

26th February, 2002

Summary of Changes ^

This release of Win32::GUI introduces many new features, the most important being:

  - the NEM (New Event Model), which allows for something like:

      -text => 'say hello',
      -onClick => sub { print "hello, world!\n"; },

  - tooltips are now supported on most controls with the -tip => STRING option.

  - ListView checkboxes can now be managed with the ItemCheck() method;
    there's also a new ItemCheck event for ListViews that gets fired when you
    toggle an item's checkbox.

The biggest changes are in the codebase, which is now split in several files. Please note that something - particularly the NEM - may be broken in this release (you already knew it, huh? ;-)

Contributors to this release ^


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