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Win32::GUI::ReleaseNotes::RN_0_0_670 - This is the release notes for Version 0.0.670 of Win32::GUI

Release Date ^

11th December, 2003

Summary of Changes ^

This release of Win32::GUI introduces many bug fix and new features the most important being:

New :

  - add Hook/UnHook methods
  - new DateTime styles and methods
  - new RichEdit methods
  - improve GetOpenFileName / GetSaveFileName.
  - new _DropFiles Events
  - SendMessage now support a pointer to a string or a struct in LPARAM.
  - NEM KeyDown and KeyUp receive new parameter with virtual key value.
  - NEM Timer event


  - Fix accelerator keys
  - Fix ImageList bug
  - Fix Windows XP Color
  - Fix options parsing for TextField 
  - Fix -prompt support on Textfield with -pos and -size option.
  - Fix DoEvents double events
  - Fix PeekMessage warm message
  - Fix menu enabled option.

Build : - MinGW support - ActivePerl 5.005 support


  + [Laurent Rocher]
        - : Change version to 0.0.670
        - GUI.h  : Set NO_XSLOCKS for perl 5.005
        - GUI_MessageLoops.cpp : Fix for perl 5.005
  + [Steve Pick]
        - GUI.xs : Update to Hook() - now returns previous handler coderef
      on hook reassignment, 0 if no previous assignment, and undef if error.
        - GUI_MessageLoops.cpp : Added code to call Hook()ed handlers to
  + [Laurent Rocher]
        - : Add AddDatetime, AddGraphics methods
        - GUI.xs : Fix DoEvents double event, add some DateTime methods
      (GetTime, SetTime, SetNone, IsNone).
        - GUI_Options.cpp : Add option parsing for DateTime control
      (-align, -format, -shownone, -updown)
        - Typemap : LPARAM handle as string or integer.
  + [Steve Pick]
        - GUI.xs : Added Hook and UnHook methods. These let you do
      $win->Hook(MsgID, \&somesub); to hook a message to a sub. The sub
      must be a coderef, and is called with self, wparam and lparam args
      when the message is received by the window.
        - GUI.h  : Addition of avHooks to PERLWIN32GUI_CREATESTRUCT and
        - GUI_MessageLoops.cpp : Addition of hook-calling code to
  + [Laurent Rocher]
        - : Fix -prompt option for TextField, correct color option for
      class (Win98SE).
        - GUI_Options.cpp : Correct -popstyle and -popexstyle like options.
  + [Glenn Linderman] GUI_Options.cpp : Correct menu -enabled option.
  + [Steve Pick] GUI.h : Added PERLWIN32GUI_NEM_TIMER event.
        - fixed Win32::GUI::Class::new to avoid the "white background"
      syndrome on Windows 2000. Fixed conditional so that all operating
      systems with version above and including 5.1 have the
      no-white-background fix.
        - GUI_MessageLoops.cpp: added WM_TIMER event to NEM_WindowMsgLoop,
      now NEM handler -onTimer will be called whenever a timer added to
      the window triggers. The NAME of the timer is provided as an argument
      to the handler.
        - GUI_Options.cpp: Fix to allow -onTimer.
        - GUI_Events.cpp: NEM Events always returned PerlResult of -2, even
      if a handler was found and called for the event. Now it returns 0 if
      everything was successful, as it should judging by the rest of the code.
  + [Laurent Rocher] Add build with MinGW and ExtUtils-FakeConfig support.
      You can build Win32-GUI for ActiveState Perl with Free MingW Compiler.
      See HowTo :
  + [Steve Pick] Fix ImageList bug
  + [Glenn Linderman] MessageLoops.cpp: Fix Window Cursor bug (Without
    return FALSE statement)
  + [Steve Pick] GUI.xs : Fix PeekMessage (move SvROK in inner if and
    remove sv_2mortal)
  + [Aldo Calpini]
        - fixed Win32::GUI::Class::new to avoid the "white background" syndrome
      on XP)
        - fixed a bug with options parsing in Win32::GUI::Textfield::new
        - reworked a little the code for Win32::GUI::AcceleratorTable
  + [Glenn Linderman] Accelerator key patch, Correct NotifyIcon DESTROY,
    add PM_* constants for use with TrackPopupMenu.
  + [Laurent Rocher] Fix some warnings, Remove unused variables, remove
    constants.c file.
  + [Trevor Garside] Add new RichEdit methods.
  + [Steve Pick & Laurent Rocher] Add parameters for WM_KEYDOWN and
    WM_KEYUP NEM events in NEM_ChildMsgLoop.
  + [Johan Lindstrom] Add WM_DROPFILES event in WindowMsgLoop.
  + [Laurent Rocher] Add new options for GetOpenFileName and GetSaveFileName.
  + [Jeremy White & Laurent Rocher] Add new datetime control methods
    and DTS_* styles constants.

Contributors to this release ^

Jeremy White
Laurent Rocher
Johan Lindstrom
Steve Pick
Trevor Garside
Glenn Linderman
Aldo Calpini
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