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Win32::GUI::ReleaseNotes::RN_1_05 - release notes for v1.05 of Win32::GUI

Release Date ^

5th November, 2006

Summary of Changes ^

This is a summary of changes between V1.04 and V1.05 See the CHANGELOG file in the distribution for the full detail.

This release is a bug-fix release addressing the issues below.

New Features

There are no new features in this release.

Bug Fixes

NEM Events for NotifyIcon broken

Fix NEM events for the NotifyIcon Class (Tracker: 1585293)

Combobox SetEditSel method

Fix bug preventing setting the starting index to anything other than 0, and add documentation. (Tracker: 1586617)

Fix AbsLeft and AbsTop methods

Fix a bug where AbsLeft and AbsTop were not correctly being converted to client co-ordinates for child windows (Tracker: 1578492)

Include POD documentation in PPM

Some time ago it was decided that in order to keep the size of the PPM distributions as small as possible we would exclude the POD documentation from the PPM files, and only include the HTML documentation. From this release both POD and HTML documentation is included in the PPM. This fixes a problem with ActiveState Perl PPM V4, which re-generates the documentation from the enclosed POD documents, apparently ignorig the included HTML documentation.

Deprecated feature status ^

This section documents features that have been deprecated in this release, or in recent releases, and feature that will be deprecated in up-coming releases.


The introduction of Win32::GUI::Constants in v1.04 means that we now have access to a very large number of constants, so the current behaviour of Win32::GUI to export all constants to the calling namespace by default is no longer appropriate. So, a bare

  use Win32::GUI;

now generates a warning that the old default behaviour will be deprecated - although the export behaviour of Win32::GUI v1.03 is maintained except for this warning.

To eliminate this warning and correct your script, do one of the following:

If you don't need any constants, use the empty list:
  use Win32::GUI();
If you need some constants, name them explicitly:
  use Win32::GUI qw(ES_WANTRETURN CW_USEDEFAULT); # Two constants exported
  use Win32::GUI qw(/^MB_/);   # Export all constants starting with MB_

See the Win32::GUI::Constants documentation for the full allowable syntax.

You are advised to fix your scripts now, as a future version will stop exporting any constants by default.

Although not advised, you can suppress the warnings by turning deprecated warnings off:

  no warnings 'deprecated';

Additionally accessing constants from within the Win32::GUI namespace is deprecated. I.e.

   -addstyle => Win32::GUI::WS_BORDER,

will generate a warning with this release, and will stop working with a future release. Use one of the following methods instead:

use the Win32::GUI::Constants namespace instead
  -addstyle => Win32::GUI::Constants::WS_BORDER(),
use any other namespace you fancy
  use Win32::GUI qw(-exportpkg => A::B -autoload);
  -addstyle => A::B::WS_BORDER(),
maintain compatibility of existing scripts
  use Win32::GUI::Constants qw(-exportpkg => Win32::GUI :compatibility_win32_gui);
  -addstyle => Win32::GUI::WS_BORDER,


It is no longer necessary to use the '-id' option to any of the Win32::GUI::NotifyIcon methods. The ID is now entirely handled internally. You will receive deprecated warnings if you use it.

In particular, removing Icons from the system tray should be done using


and not by the (now deprecated)

  $NI->Delete(-id => 1);

Use of the -id option will generate a warning.

Contributors to this release ^

Robert May
Uwe Kind
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