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Win32::GUI::ReleaseNotes::RN_0_0_671 - This is the release notes for Version 0.0.671 of Win32::GUI

Release Date ^

21st March, 2004

Summary of Changes ^

This release of Win32::GUI introduces many bug fix and new features the most important being:

  New :
    - Add anti-flicker option (-noflicker).
    - Add new methods and documentation for TabStrip, StatusBar, Rebard, Toolbar.
    - Add new options for Menu.
    - Add loading ressources from exe file.
    - Add SetEvent and GetEvent for NEM event system.
    - Add support for scrollbar in Window and DialogBox.
  Fix :
    - Left() and Top() don't perform translation for non child window.
    - Update Hook for multiple hooks per message.
    - Fix some event handling problems.
    - Fix some doc generation problems.


  + [Laurent Rocher]
        - : Change version to 0.0.671
        - GUI.xs : Change version to 0.0.671
        - README : Change version to 0.0.671
        - Readme.txt : Change version to 0.0.671
        - GUI.h : Add av_delete macro for perl 5.005
        - GUI_Events.cpp : In DoEvent_NEM_Menu correct event test (use SvOK).
        - MANIFEST : Update file

  + [Steve Pick]
        - GUI.xs : LoadImage() now tries to find resources in the exe first,
      and only if that fails does it look on-disk. This means you can
      use ResHacker or some similar resource editor to add resources to
      your distributed exe.
        - GUI.xs : Win32::GUI::LoadResource(NAME) added - loads a resource
      from the current executable and returns it as a scalar. Resource
      type must be RCDATA (i.e. raw data).

  + [Steve Pick]
        - ListView.xs : Made ListViews aware of the -background option.
        - Toolbar.xs : Implemented all of Ramy's perl toolbar extension in
      XS code. Added constants as well.
        - GUI_Constants.cpp : Added tons of toolbar-related constants. Note
      that you should probably use the TBSTYLE_xxx constants instead of the
      BTNS_xxx constants for toolbar button styles right now as the latter
      doesnt work depending on your compiler.
        - : Added constants
        - GUI_Events.cpp : Fixed NeedText so it doesnt crash on exit (needed
      to extend memory reserved by one byte). Modified the way ButtonClick
      is handled for toolbars - If a dropdown menu should be expanded,
      there is a new second argument to ButtonClick which is set to 1.
        - TreeView.xs : Fix in InsertItem. Wasn't reserving enough memory for
      the strings form the -text option.
        - StatusBar.xs : Parts method now detects scalar/array context and
      returns # parts / list of parts as appropriate
        - GUI_MessageLoops.cpp : Fix for noflicker (previously, the whole
      client area was not validated - now it is), also added onPaint event
      to NEM (for graphic objects).
        - GUI.xs : Added GetEvent() and SetEvent() methods. GetEvent(EVENTNAME)
      will return a coderef to the handler for the specified NEM event
      name (e.g. "Resize"), SetEvent(EVENTNAME,CODEREF) will set a handler
      for the event. Made AbsLeft() and AbsTop() accept co-ordinates.

  + [Laurent Rocher]
        - GUI_MessageLoops.cpp : Revrite WM_CTLCOLOREDIT, WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC,
      WM_CTLCOLORBTN, WM_CTLCOLORLISTBOX event handling in CommonMsgLoop.
      Correct Both event handling in NEM_WindowMsgLoop.

  + [Jez White & Laurent Rocher]
        - Rebar.xs : Added documentation for all the methods .
             New methods : ShowBand, HideBand, MoveBand, GetBandBorder,
             Fix BandInfo crash.

  + [Steve Pick & Laurent Rocher]
        - GUI.xs : Extended support for scrollbars in a window's non-client
      area. Added NEM event "onScroll" and OEM event "_Scroll" for Window
      and DialogBox. New functions for Window/Dialog:
      $w->ScrollRange(SCROLLBAR,[MIN,MAX]), $w->ScrollPos(SCROLLBAR,[POS]),
      $w->Scroll(SCROLLBAR, OPERATION, POSITION). Docs in source as usual.
      Check GUI.xs.
        - GUI_Events and GUI.h : Support for _Scroll and onScroll events for
      windows / dialogs
        - GUI_MessageLoops : Fix for $object->Result(x) method, [thanks go to
      Glenn Linderman for pointing the problem out]
        - StatusBar.xs : Various fixes and optimizations by Laurent Rocher.
        - GUI_Constants.cpp : Added Scrollbar constants (SB_*) and statusbar
      constants (SBT_*)

  + [Steve Pick]
        - Added StatusBar.xs to handle new StatusBar methods. Each method is
      documented in this file, but the documentation has not been re-generated.

  + [Steve Pick]
        - GUI.xs : Made ProgressBar aware of -foreground and -background
      colour settings
        - GUI.xs : Added Result(handle, code) call for explicitly setting the
      returned LRESULT from a handler. (normally the value returned from
      Perl handlers was not returned from their calling wndproc, this
      allows you to specify a result that will be returned.)
        - GUI_MessageLoops.cpp : If CommonMsgLoop must be called then it is
      called before any Hook handlers are called.

  + [Steve Pick]
        - GUI.xs : Huge update to Hook() and UnHook(). You can now add
      multiple hooks per message, catch WM_NOTIFY and WM_COMMAND messages,
      and it works with both New and Old Event Models. Documentation for
      both functions is present.
        - GUI_MessageLoops.cpp : Addition of DoHook() function and DoHook()
      calls in NEM_WindowMsgLoop, WindowMsgLoop, and NEM_ChildMsgLoop.
      DoHook is internal.

  + [Glenn Linderman]
        - : In MakeMenu, Set a default event name to every item with
      an empty string.
        - GUI_Options.cpp : Added new menu options.

  + [Jeremy White & Laurent Rocher]
        - TabStip.xs : Add new methods and some documentation.

  + [Steve Pick]
        - GUI_MessageLoops.cpp : Added anti-flicker code.
        - GUI_Options.cpp : Added -noflicker option to window/dialogbox.
        - GUI.h : Added flickerFree property to USERDATA and CREATESTRUCT structs
        - : Added documentation line for -noflicker option

  + [Steve Pick & Laurent Rocher]
        - GUI.xs : Left() and Top() now not perform ScreenToClient() on the
      rectangle for non child window.

Contributors to this release ^

Steve Pick
Laurent Rocher
Jez White
Glenn Linderman
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