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Module Version: 0.37   Source   Latest Release: Devel-Trepan-0.74

TrepanPl ^ - Perl "Trepanning" Debugger

SYNOPSIS ^ [options] [[--] perl-program [perl-program-options ...]]

      --help               brief help message
      --man                full documentation
      --basename           Show basename only on source file listings. 
                           (Needed in regression tests)
      -c| --command FILE   Run or 'source' debugger command file FILE
      --cmddir DIR         Read DIR for additional debugger commands
      --batch FILE         Like --command, but quit after reading FILE.
                           This option has precidence over --command and
                           will also set --nx
      --cd DIR             Change current directory to DIR
      -e| --exec STRING    eval STRING. Multiple -e's can be given.
                           Works like Perl's -e switch
      --nx                 Don't run user startup file (e.g. .treplrc)

      --client | --server  Set for out-of-process debugging. The server 
                           rus the Perl program to be debugged runs. 
                           The client runs outside of this process.
      --fall-off-end       Don't stay in debugger when program terminates

      --host NAME          Set DNS name or IP address to communicate on.
                           The default is

      --port N             TCP/IP port to use on remote connection
                           The default is 1954
      --post-mortem        Enter debugger on die
      --readline  | --no-readline
                           Try or don't try to use Term::Readline
      -x|--trace           Simulate line tracing (think POSIX shell set -x)
      --highlight | --no-highlight 
                           Use or don't use ANSI terminal sequences for syntax

DESCRIPTION ^ is a gdb-like debugger. Much of the interface and code has been adapted from the trepanning debuggers of Ruby.

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