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Rocky Bernstein > Devel-Trepan-0.50 > Devel::Trepan::CmdProcessor::Command::Step



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Source   Latest Release: Devel-Trepan-0.74

step[+|-] [into] [count]

step over

step out

Execute the current line, stopping at the next event. Sometimes this is called "step into".

With an integer argument, step that many times. With an 'until' expression that expression is evaluated and we stop the first time it is true.

A suffix of + in a command or an alias forces a move to another position, while a suffix of - disables this requirement. A suffix of > will continue until the next call. (finish will run run until the return for that call.)

If no suffix is given, the debugger setting different determines this behavior.


 step        # step 1 event, any event obeying 'set different' setting
 step 1      # same as above
 step+       # same but force stopping on a new line
 step-       # same but force stopping on a new line a new frame added
 step over   # same as 'next'
 step out    # same as 'finish'

Related and similar is the next (step over) and finish (step out) commands. All of these are slower than running to a breakpoint. See also set different.

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