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Rocky Bernstein > Devel-Trepan-0.73 > lib/Devel/Trepan/CmdProcessor/Command/Help/examples.pod


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Source   Latest Release: Devel-Trepan-0.74

Commenting ^

 # This line does nothing. It is a comment and is useful
 # in debugger command files.
      # any amount of leading space is also ok

Splitting Commands ^

The following runs two commands: info program and list

 info program;; list

The following gives a syntax error since ;; splits the line and the simple debugger parse then thinks that the quote (") is not closed.

 print "hi ;;-)\n"

If you have the Devel::Trepan::Shell plugin, you can go into a real shell and run the above.

Command Continuation ^

If you want to continue a command on the next line use \ at the end of the line. For example:

 eval $x = "This is \
 a multi-line string"

The string in variable $x will have a \n before the article "a".

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