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Source   Latest Release: Devel-Trepan-0.74


step[+|-] [into] [count]

step over

step out

Execute the current line, stopping at the next event. Sometimes this is called "step into".

With an integer argument, step that many times.

A suffix of + in a command or an alias forces a move to another position, while a suffix of - disables this requirement. A suffix of > will continue until the next call. (finish will run until the return for that call.)

If no suffix is given, the debugger setting different determines this behavior.


 step        # step 1 event, any event obeying 'set different' setting
 step 1      # same as above
 step+       # same but force stopping on a new line
 step-       # same but force stopping on a new line a new frame added
 step over   # same as 'next'
 step out    # same as 'finish'

See also:

next (step over), finish (step out), continue, and set different.

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