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Net::Pager - Send Numeric/AlphaNumeric Pages to any pager/phone around the world through the SimpleWire network.


NOTE!: Version 2.00 is not compatible with Net::Pager 1.12. All client/server communication has been redesigned with XML in mind. Thus, this module had to dramatically change and so did the interface. I apologize for this, but the change has boosted performance 200-300% with the addition of asynchronous paging and the many other enhancements.

use Net::Pager;

See all the documenation and example code in both this installation package and on the website. The,, and the show great example code for every feature supported in v2.00. These are located on both the website and in the /eg directory with the Net-Pager-2.00.tar.gz file.


Net::Pager is a global numeric and alphanumeric paging interface via the Internet. It is the first and only way to interface any brand or type of pager through one consistent protocol without using the telephone network. SimpleWire has defined a XML paging standard so paging technology can be better utilized.

The module interacts with SimleWire's Remote Procedure Calls. This new standard, and subsequently this Perl module, has a great deal of development energy behind it.

For futher support or questions, you should visit s website at where you can visit our developer support forum, faq, or download the most recent documentation. SimpleWire's site has more example code.


    * The module was totally re-written since XML has been introduced
      as the language for all client/server communication between this
      client tool and the SimpleWire network.
    * Support for asynchronous sending of pages has been added.  This
      means that network delays are now handled by the SimpleWire servers
      rather than the client tools. This has eliminated any timeout
      bugs that might occur, since SimpleWire can now respond immediately.
    * Object oriented design following the HTTP::Response and
      HTTP::Request methodology.  Clients now construct Net::Pager::Request
      objects, submit various requests through this object, and use
      the Net::Pager::Response object to analyze the response from the
      SimpleWire servers.  This resulted in three more objects:
      Net::Pager::Common, Net::Pager::Request, and Net::Pager::Response.
    * SimpleWire now captures more error messages from each paging service.
      A good example is the attempt to send pages to Sprint PCS phones
      even though text messaging costs extra and most users don't have
      it.  SimpleWire now catches this kind of error.
    * Added new services: Verizon, VoiceStream/OmniPoint
      Bell Mobility, and Weblink Wireless Two-Way.
        * Introduction of a ticket system where a TICKET ID is assigned
      to every sendpage transaction.  This allows clients to check on
      the status of pages sent asynchronously or to check up on older
      pages sent through our system.
    * Added support for sending a page to a simplewire alias.  This
      means clients can now send pages to an alias instead of a pin
      and service id, provided that the alias is setup and registered
      on the SimpleWire network.
    * Fixed small issue with clients entering pins that contain a dash
          or a period.  Our servers will now filter out this garbage to
      ensure proper formatting of the pin.
    * Added support for Subscriber IDs and Subscriber passwords.
    * Added an optional delimiter parameter to be passed along with a page
      so that client tools can override our default delimiter to
      seperate the from, callback, and text fields in messages.
    * Fixed timeout bugs by using LWP::UserAgent instead of our own
      networking code.
    * SimpleWire can now support proxy servers via the LWP::UserAgent
      module.  However, this will take custom tweaking of our
          Net::Pager moduele until native support is added.
    * Revised the system for remotely retrieving our service list.  Many new
      options have been added so that the list comes back sorted or
      filtered in whatever way you like.
    * Improved functions to use with the service list.  New functions
      include DBI-like interface for retrieval and looping.  Such
      functions are fetchrow_service, fetchall_services, and fetchrow_rewind.
    * Fixed small bug that was related to timeouts where 2 or 3 duplicated
      pages would be sent off.  This was solved via LWP and smarter
      error checking before moving onto the next simplewire server.


Joe Lauer <>


Copyright (c) 2000 Rootlevel. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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