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yacsmoke - a Yet Another CPAN Smoke script.


  perl [-t|--test <distribution>] 
                                   [-l|--list <list_from>:<param_name>=<param_value>]
                                   [-a|--audit <audit file>]
                                   [-c|--config <configuration file>]
                   [-d|--database <database file>]

  Further CPANPLUS or CPAN::YACSmoke configuration settings should be 
  implemented using a configuration file.


Runs CPAN Smoke tests on the given set of distributions.


There are several options available to the user, all of which are optional. The script will use defaults if no options are given. The default set of options are:

  perl -l=Recent

Single Test (-t|--test)

If a specific distribution is required to be tested, passing the distribution name and version can be done using the -t option:

  perl -t=My-Distro-0.01

This will override any -l settings passed on the command line.

Multiple Tests (-l|--list)

To test a list of distributions, using one of the plugins, the -l option is used:

  perl -l=Recent

If any arguments for the plugin are required, then these are passed as:

  perl -l=Recent:recent_list_age=1

Audit File (-a|--audit)

Path to the audit file.

Configuration File (-c|--config)

Path to the configuration file.

Database File (-d|--database)

Path to the database file.

Help (-h|--help)

Prints the help screen.

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