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Module Version: 0.85   Source  


Business::Cart::Generic::View::Product - Basic shopping cart

Synopsis ^

See Business::Cart::Generic.

Description ^

Business::Cart::Generic implements parts of osCommerce and PrestaShop in Perl.

Installation ^

See Business::Cart::Generic.

Constructor and Initialization ^


This class extends Business::Cart::Generic::View::Base.

Using new()

new() is called as my($obj) = Business::Cart::Generic::View::Product -> new(k1 => v1, k2 => v2, ...).

It returns a new object of type Business::Cart::Generic::View::Product. See Business::Cart::Generic::View.

Key-value pairs accepted in the parameter list:

o config => $config

Takes an object of type Business::Cart::Generic::Util::Config.

This key => value pair is mandatory.

o db => $db

Takes an object of type Business::Cart::Generic::Database.

This key => value pair is mandatory.

o templater => $templater

Takes a Text::Xslate object.

This key => value pair is mandatory.

These keys are also getter-type methods. config() returns a hashref, and templater() returns an object.

Methods ^


Returns a hashref.


Returns an object of type Business::Cart::Generic::Database.


$product is an arrayref of hashref of inflated products as returned by "read_products_table()" in Business::Cart::Generic::Database::Export.

Returns a set of HTML table rows. This data is used by "products_as_html()" in Business::Cart::Generic::Database::Export.


Returns an object of type Text::Xslate.

Machine-Readable Change Log ^

The file CHANGES was converted into Changelog.ini by Module::Metadata::Changes.

Version Numbers ^

Version numbers < 1.00 represent development versions. From 1.00 up, they are production versions.

Thanks ^

Many thanks are due to the people who chose to make osCommerce and PrestaShop, Zen Cart, etc, Open Source.

Support ^

Email the author, or log a bug on RT:

Author ^

Business::Cart::Generic was written by Ron Savage <> in 2011.

Home page:

Copyright ^

Australian copyright (c) 2011, Ron Savage.

        All Programs of mine are 'OSI Certified Open Source Software';
        you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of
        The Artistic License, a copy of which is available at:
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